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One of the greatest marketing tools is to show own company on the professional trade fair. The main advantage of EXPO is the formula “face to face” which provides the direct contact between producer and potential client. In general, by promoting especially new products and innovative solutions, the particular trade show performs the role of the market wizard, where the flow and availability of information is a key moment in the buyer-seller relationship. The proper organization and logistics enable the smooth running of the information, while the opportunity to promote causes the strategic actions of the enterprise. These activities are the primary means of determining the direction, dimension and structure of the firm development. Regularly, the attendance at the trade exhibition leads to enter into transaction between seller and buyer, as well as allows to build and expand network of contacts which is an important element in creating corporate image and improving a sustainable long-term relationships with business partners. Moreover, trade show is a unique occasion to introduce the brand through the presentation stand, suitable arrangement, distribution of advertising materials and active form of the dynamic presentation. Free access to the promotional materials of other participants of EXPO makes it possible to conduct market observational research. As the result, evaluation of own products and services shows a complete picture of the enterprise position among market. Besides, knowledge on current prices, terms of purchase, the distribution system, innovative solutions and trends facilitate to upgrade existing offers. Ultimately, face to face meetings conducive the recognition of needs which contribute to the better match of the proposal and exact hit to the right target group.


"Businesses that grow by development and improvement do not die.
But when a business ceases to be creative, when it believes it has reached
perfection and needs to do nothing but produce no improvement,
no development, it is done"

Henry Ford

Within the organization of trade fair we offer:


  • the organization and conduction of the conference reception
  • the accommodation arrangements for participants
  • the preparation of the EXPO program
  • the assistance in arranging a stand
  • the fair trade materials distribution
  • the organization of B2B meetings
  • the rental of an exhibition space
  • the documentation of the event
  • the preparation of the report
  • full package of advertising
  • simultaneous translations
  • sound and visualization
  • logistics management

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